Welcome to BJ website
Welcome to BJ website

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Welcome to the exciting and ever changing world of Style, Fashion, Distribution and Trading Services at Ben & Jessica ( B&J ) . Ben & Jessica Ltd is Based in Europe & also in Middle East. B&J is mainly dealing in manufacturing, exporting, importing, trading, Marketing and Distributing of various apparels and Accessories. The company has a comprehensive distribution network all over the world. Our distribution network has reached Different parts of the world via efficient channels, Our high quality and Hard Work. It is our policy to strengthen manufacturing Quality & capacity and expand company’s distribution channels, service and product lists. Our human resources have gained more & more experience as we developed our businesses in many different countries . Our mission is to be in the list of Top companies in the global market. We strive very hard to be a leading distribution organization. In Coming Future the company will strengthen its roots in more markets and will appear as a versatile company in any terms of different styling, fashions, cultures, qualities & pricing. We are working very hard for our business relationships and stakeholders' satisfaction.

Our Advantage

B&J’s sales and service is professional and efficient. We are committed to excellence in trade marketing and we have invested in sales and merchandising to completely exploit each and every opportunity. We consistently achieve outstanding results by concentrating our efforts on long term business planning, best possible distribution and impressive merchandising displays. We operate full sales and services. Our management team is supported by trained marketing team who have unique product knowledge and experience of whole sale and retail trade requirements. We understand the marketing need of our respected customers. Like all successful companies, our unique & strong asset lies within our team.


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